The Rich Miser

About Me

Hi there!

My name’s Miguel (a/k/a The Rich Miser), and I am a lawyer from Miami. I practice law full-time, and try to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life with my friends and family when I’m not at work.

I’ve always had something of an obsessive personality and loved to read all sorts of articles and blogs (maybe that’s why I went into law). I’m the kind of person that buys a bottle of Advil and reads the entire label 🙂

Over the years, that obsessiveness grew into the area of my personal finances, and I started looking into all kinds of tips, tricks, and hacks to save money, while at the same time living well. I started with travel hacking, by poring over points and miles blogs like One Mile At A Time, View From the Wing, and Mommy Points.

Then, I got married to my wonderful wife Lily, who taught me even more about saving money, especially when it comes to shopping.

So, one day I realized that I was gaining all of this knowledge, and that I could combine it with my love of reading and writing to start a blog. And that’s how The Rich Miser was born! If you’re curious, I got the name from Scent of a Woman, from the scene where Chris O’Donnell asks Al Pacino if he’s a rich miser. The concept behind it, as I’ve adopted it, is to build wealth and live well (even a little glamorously), but be something of a miser when it comes to spending. Buy the nice things, but not too many, and never paying retail.

I hope you enjoy my writings and find them useful. I also love learning and bettering myself and The Rich Miser, so I’d be more than grateful if you let me know when I miss something, or when I could make something better.

Thanks for reading!