The Rich Miser

My Mission

Welcome to The Rich Miser! The purpose of this blog is to show you how to live it up for less. This means that I will show you how to stretch your disposable income, and get the most out of every dollar.


What I am not trying to do is to show you how to live as frugally as humanly possible; there are many excellent blogs that are directed to that. Instead, I will show you how to have a good amount of material wealth for much less money than it would normally cost. This is achieved by employing an arsenal of proven techniques, such as finding bargains, exploiting loopholes, complaining when appropriate, leveraging your credit to get the best rewards cards, understanding internet pricing, and knowing when and where to haggle and negotiate.


I get this knowledge from years of experience doing this myself. Like you, my wife and I work hard for our money, and are not about waste it or overpay. I believe in having an investor’s mentality, a balanced and rewarding life in every sense, and in treating others fairly. I also believe in being tough and protecting your wealth and quality of life. I hope you will join me on this journey, and both learn from me and teach me what you know and I don’t.