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Price Comparison: Is the ALDI Supermarket Cheaper than Walmart?

aldi grocery store

So my wife and I recently discovered the ALDI grocery store, where we continue to be awed by what seem like incredible bargains for all sorts of food and drink. With their rock-bottom prices, who can resist?

But seeing low prices is not enough for me; my mom and dad gave me an analytical mind, and I decided to put it to good use by making a systematic price comparison with one of the kings of low-priced shopping -Walmart- to see if you can really save a lot at the ALDI supermarket.

Disclaimer and Methodology

To carry out my bargain-hunting mission, I went to an ALDI grocery store in Miami and took as many pictures of item prices as I could without looking like some weirdo. Then, I looked up equivalent items at Walmart’s grocery website, which displays the prices for a store near me (also in Miami). I used the cheapest brand I could find at Walmart, and I ignored items that were on sale at either store.

This is not a scientific study, and I did not look up the prices on the same day. My goal is not to be the ultimate authority on ALDI grocery store versus Walmart pricing. It’s just to do a fun price comparison and get a general idea of who is really cheaper.

What Is ALDI?

It’s a really cheap supermarket. What distinguishes them is that they mostly sell no-name brands, for extremely low prices. They have most things a regular supermarket would have, including award-winning alcohol in states that allow it (I’m looking at you, Massachusetts). They may not have extremely specific, low volume products, or really froufrou, Whole Foods-type stuff.

They’re originally from Germany, and so I’m led to believe they have quality stuff (you know, because of the stereotypes about Germans and quality and efficiency). (As a youngster, I took German and French; I think they conform to the stereotypes. French is pretty and melodic, while German is logical but sounds, well, harsh).

Can You Really Save A Lot At the ALDI Supermarket?

So let’s get on with the price comparison:

1. Strawberry Preserves

ALDI price per ounce: $.10

aldi supermarket

Walmart price per ounce: $.09

price comparison

Walmart wins.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ALDI price per fluid ounce: $.177 (17.7 cents)

what is aldi

Walmart price per fluid ounce: $.20

ALDI wins.

3. Top Sirloin Steak

ALDI price per pound: $5.99

Walmart price per pound: $5.95

Walmart wins, though it looks like the ALDI meat is higher quality (USDA Choice vs USDA inspected).

4. 93% Lean Ground Beef

ALDI price per pound: $4.89

Walmart price per pound: $4.00

Walmart wins.

5. Chicken Breasts

ALDI price per pound: $2.29

Walmart price per pound: $1.99

Walmart wins.

6. Deli Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast

ALDI price per ounce: $.266 (26.6 cents)

Walmart price per ounce: $.25

Walmart wins.

7. Organic Apples

ALDI price per pound: $1.66

3 pounds for $4.99

Walmart price per pound: $1.48

Walmart wins (assuming it’s the same variety of apples).

8. Multi-Colored Peppers

ALDI price for a 3-pack: $2.99

Walmart price for a 3-pack: $3.88

ALDI wins.

9. Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt

ALDI price per ounce: $0.11

Walmart price per ounce: $0.12

ALDI wins.

10. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

ALDI price per ounce: $0.225 (22.5 cents)

Walmart price per ounce: $0.18

save a lot

Walmart wins.

ALDI Grocery Store vs. Walmart – Price Comparison Results and Analysis

I think the results were pretty clear. Walmart was cheaper in 7 out of 10 categories, although many times it was in very large, Costco-type sizes. That said, it seems to me that Walmart is, in absolute, once-versus-ounce terms, cheaper.

To be sure, they are both cheap stores, and you can save a lot at either. However, in my personal preference, Walmart is superior for two reasons: first, it is just as cheap (and probably cheaper) than the ALDI supermarket. Second, it tends to have better selection, with more products and more brands per product. And it’s not just a grocery store (as is common knowledge, they have all sorts of stuff) so you can get more shopping done in one trip. So, my overall winner is Walmart.

Have you found a place cheaper than Walmart? What do you think of ALDI?

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2 thoughts on “Price Comparison: Is the ALDI Supermarket Cheaper than Walmart?

  1. Cubert

    Dude. I just can’t abide Aldi. The one time I went in there I was greeted by a horde of shoppers and line that was taking 30 minutes to check out. If time is money, I’m going to Walmart! 🙂

    Hopefully your Aldi is cleaner and quicker than ours!

    1. The Rich Miser Post author

      Yeah, the first time we went it was a madhouse, but the prices were just seductive compared to some of my nearby supermarkets. From that experience, we now try to go at off-peak times.

      I dunno, I think ALDI has pros and cons (like everything). For a big shopping trip, I prefer Walmart. But for a mid-size stock-up, I like ALDI because it’s cheap and because the limited choices make it efficient (since they usually just have one brand of everything, there’s no need to compare).

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